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Senior Product Manager - Platform Product Management, RMS

Trevor has been with RMS since 2012, managing cloud engineering and infrastructure architecture projects. Since 2016, Trevor has overseen platform enterprise initiatives such as the analytics gateway, and stability, security and cost optimizations.

Based in California, his primary focus is to develop and implement enterprise scale capability to satisfy the needs of RMS global enterprise clients. He graduated from Purdue University with degrees in Computer Technology and Organizational Leadership and enjoys mentoring youth in his community. Go Boilers!

Risk Intelligence 1.12 Release … and How to Democratize Your Data Using a JDBC/ODBC Connector

We are pleased to announce that RMS Risk Intelligence™ version 1.12 has now been released. This new release includes many improvements such as the introduction of new Structure Tags and Domain Data Tables related to items such as “Line of Business”, “Underwriting Group” and “Offer Type”. The release also includes an assortment of quality improvements.

With these Structure Tags, users can now sort and filter data in the Data Directory, delivering effective data organization capabilities on the platform. But while we realize getting your data into the platform is important – getting insights from your data off the platform is even more important. There are already plenty of options available to do this. You can get these insights from the user interface (UI), exporting your data via CSV files and our APIs. You can now use SQL or your own preferred tools to obtain deep insights into your data.

So, for the rest of this blog post, I want to give you a deep dive into a new, valuable tool available for Risk Modeler users on the Risk Intelligence platform that will help you generate reports – regardless of how you access your data or deliver your final report output.

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