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Ryan Ogaard

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Senior Vice President - Product Strategy

Ryan Ogaard is the Senior Vice President - Product Strategy at RMS. In this role, he oversees the strategy for developing RMS’ global suite of catastrophe risk models and leads the change management programs that help RMS clients transition to new models and software.

Prior to joining RMS, Ryan spent more than 20 years with reinsurance intermediaries. At Sedgwick Re, he was one of the founders of the Instrat Analytics group, which pioneered the application of simulation modeling to risk and capital management decisions. At Guy Carpenter, he served as head of the Global Analytics group from 2002 through 2009. During his time in that role, he oversaw the development of many risk management software tools, including cutting-edge catastrophe management and economic capital modeling applications.

Through most of his career, Ryan has been closely involved with (re)insurers, advising on risk and capital-related analytics and management strategies. He began his career at Accenture, where he was a systems integration consultant.

Industry Collaboration for a Better Data Standard

Data – the buzzword of the decade. The world understands its value, but the insurance industry has not only lagged behind in exploiting data, it has also created huge inefficiencies in how it is handled and exchanged. At RMS, we believe that no single company is going to solve this problem – it will take collaboration.

The data that drives risk analytics has proven particularly tricky to handle and leverage. Right now, the only standards the industry uses are decades-old property cat schemas – venerable work horses that took the industry from an almost total lack of exposure data to a relatively high degree of understanding. They transformed how property cat risk is transacted, priced, and managed. But these old formats have run their course and if we want to gain meaningful efficiency, improve profitability, and pursue new opportunities beyond property cat, we need a new standard.

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