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Laura Eads

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Lead Modeler

Laura is part of the vulnerability group within model development at RMS. Since joining RMS in 2013, she has worked on a variety of models, including the North America Earthquake Model, and most recently she led the vulnerability development for the India Earthquake Model.

Laura is based at RMS headquarters in Newark, California and has also worked in the RMS London office. She holds a master’s degree and a PhD in civil engineering from Stanford University, where her research focused on seismic collapse risk assessment of structures. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Notre Dame.

Earthquakes and Tall Buildings: Any Changes for Modeling?

A recent article entitled “A Seismic Change in Predicting How Earthquakes Will Shake Tall Buildings” that appeared in the New York Times on June 27, has generated some concern regarding the performance of tall buildings during earthquakes. The article cites statements made during the eleventh U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering — which several RMS earthquake engineering experts attended, stating that there are large changes being introduced to ground motion models. Ground motion models predict the intensity of ground shaking at a site.

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