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About Alyssa Sachs

Vice President of Marketing, RMS
Alyssa Sachs is the Vice President of Global Marketing at RMS, reporting to Mike Pritula, the President of RMS. A fifteen-year marketing veteran, Alyssa directs all marketing strategy, overseeing the brand and creative, field marketing programs, corporate sponsorships and communications. Since joining RMS in 2012, Alyssa has helped the company grow from a leading catastrophe risk modeling firm to a global leader in risk modeling and data analytics software, across both natural and man-made events. Alyssa’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. Her most recent project involved a strategic partnership with Microsoft and she has boosted the RMS brand through the creation of one of the (re)insurance industry’s largest conferences, Exceedance.

Alyssa has created custom client programs and promoted technology products for over a decade. Alyssa joined RMS from Quantcast, where she was the global head of trade marketing. Prior to Quantcast, Alyssa was corporate marketing strategist for TIBCO, leading the marketing events team worldwide and revamping the company's Executive Briefing Center program. The foundation of Alyssa’s career was built during her eight years at Google in product marketing and marketing event manager roles, where she launched products such as Google Checkout, Google Web Toolkit 2.0 and other developer products. Alyssa was also a significant contributor to the debuts of branded events like Google IO and Zeitgeist. Alyssa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Double Major in Political Science and Peace and Justice Studies, graduating Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from Wellesley College.

California Wildfires: How Quickly Your World Can Change in 24 Hours

This week’s wildfires in Northern California are an example of how nature, weather, and environment combined into the perfect fire storm that no defense could have prevented. And, when an event like this happens and directly impacts your family and friends, resilience takes on a whole new meaning.

At RMS, we are used to thinking about the “what if” of catastrophic events such as the recent hurricanes, earthquakes, and cyberattacks. We are accustomed to working with our clients, public agencies, and city officials to think about how best to protect their communities from disasters, defining what defenses are needed to keep tragedy at bay, and how to “build back better” should an event happen. But this all comes into sharp focus when it affects people you know and love.

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EXPOSURE Magazine: Essential Insight for Changing Times

I invite you to explore the latest digital edition of EXPOSURE Magazine, which also hit the streets of Monte Carlo as a print edition for those attending Les Rendez-Vous de Septembre, and will be available at RMS events over the coming months.

There is a clear mission for EXPOSURE, which is “… to provide insight and analysis to help insurance and risk professionals innovate, adapt and deliver.” And change is in the air for all businesses in the industry, whether it is developing new opportunities, getting products to market faster, being more agile and efficient, or using data-driven insight to transform decision making.

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What Can You Learn From Exposure?

Many RMS team members are active bloggers and speakers at speaking engagements, and contribute to articles, but to capture even more of our expertise and insight, and to reflect the breadth of our activities, we have created a new magazine called Exposure, which is ready for you to download.

The aim of Exposure magazine is to bring together topics of special interest to catastrophe and risk management professionals, and recognize the vast area that individuals involved in risk management must cover today.  There is also a theme that we believe unites the risk community, and that is the belief that “risk is opportunity,” and the articles within Exposure magazine reflect that this is a market seeking to avoid surprises, improve business performance, and innovate to create new opportunities for growth.

Within the foreword to Exposure, Hemant Shah, CEO of RMS, also reflects on an “inflection point” in the industry, a mix of globalization, changing market structures, to technology, data and analytics, offering a chance for the industry to innovate and increase its relevance.  In Exposure, there is a mix of articles examining perils and regions, industry issues, and articles discussing what’s coming up for our industry.

Within perils and regions, Exposure looks at opportunities for U.S. and European flood, the effect extra-tropical transitioning has on typhoons in Japan, and the impact that secondary hazards have, such as liquefaction, and the earthquake sequencing that hit the low-seismicity area of Canterbury, New Zealand in 2010 and 2011.

The magazine also tackles issues around Solvency II, the emergence of the “grey swan” event, why reinsurers are opting to buy or build their own insurance-linked securities fund management capabilities, and wraps up with Robert Muir-Wood, chief research officer for RMS, explaining how insurers can help drive the resilience analytics revolution.

Please download your copy now.

New Products and New Solutions to Discover at This Year’s Exceedance

If you are a risk professional that always wants to discover what’s new in our industry, then I’m sure you’d be interested in learning about our new developments: the first RMS high-definition (HD) models, managing novel perils such as cyber, and a total re-examination of more established perils, such as marine cargo.

You can satisfy this craving for the latest thinking, products, and solutions by joining us at Exceedance in Miami this May. With more than sixty sessions plus our general sessions and keynotes, here’s just a selection of the new developments we’ll be covering:

Explore high-definition (HD) modeling

There is a lot of excitement around HD models, representing our next generation of RMS probabilistic modeling, with full-simulation models incorporating the latest technology across all modeling components. You will be among the first to discover our new HD models at Exceedance, with HD modeling powered by RMS(one) for Europe Flood, Japan Typhoon, and New Zealand Earthquake.

It’s not just the models themselves that we will examine; we’ll also look at business-use cases for all RMS HD model components and analytics, from data to maps, and our Model Evaluation Environment, through to portfolio management with RMS(one).

HD modeling at Exceedance

New opportunities from new perils and new models

New perils are always fascinating as they offer growth for those who can harness their potential. To give us all a head start and increase understanding, we have called in leading experts in cyber and terrorism for Exceedance to discuss the latest insights for both these high-profile perils.

While cyber continues to be a serious business threat, (re)insurers’ cautiousness around the systemic nature of the risk sees cyber insurance demand outstripping supply. Matt Olsen, president of IronNet, will give context on the cyber crime environment, with the RMS Cyber Risk team explaining how to assess cyber threat and manage risk accumulations with our new Cyber Accumulation Management System.

Respected terrorism expert Bruce Hoffman will offer his view of a world where extremism is on the rise, as we also show the similarities and differences between modeling a human-made peril compared to traditional natural catastrophe modeling concepts and practices.

Finally, with the sheer scale of global trade seeing accumulations of billions of dollars of cargo at global ports, a new approach to modeling marine cargo insurance is needed. We’ll show examples of sample modeled losses using our new RMS Cargo and Specie Model, explain how to manage a global cargo portfolio, and tackle accumulations in prime risk areas such as ports.

Explore The Lab and Mini Theater at Exceedance

I hope you can join us at Exceedance.

Exceedance Keynotes Announced: Terrorism, Cyber, Climate

The just-announced keynote speakers are among the many reasons to join us at Exceedance 2016. These leading experts will share their unique insights on terrorism, cyber security, and climate change—focusing on the human elements driving the science:

  • Bruce Hoffman, security studies professor at Georgetown University who held counterterrorism posts at RAND and the CIA and was a lead author of the final report from the independent commission on the FBI’s post-9/11 terrorism response
  • Matt Olsen, a president and co-founder of IronNet Cybersecurity whose work at the National Security Agency and Department of Justice led to his appointment as director of the federal government’s National Counterterrorism Center
  • Tim Jarvis, environmental scientist and author who is the founder and leader of 25zero, a campaign to raise awareness of the impact of human-induced climate change on the world’s rapidly melting equatorial glaciers—and leader of multiple expeditions including the Shackleton Epic Expedition

We’ve also recently released descriptions of the more than 60 sessions and other opportunities to interact with leaders, scientists, and your peers.

There are so many reasons to be a part of Exceedance this year, we’ve created a 1-minute video outlining the Top 5.

We hope to see you May 16-19 in Miami.

Exceedance 2015: Welcome to Miami!

We have arrived in the City Under the Sun – Miami, FL – for Exceedance 2015, where the oceanfront views are providing the perfect backdrop for a week of engaging sessions, invigorating discussion, and plenty of networking opportunities.

For those of you joining us here at the legendary Fontainebleau Hotel, meet us poolside tonight at 5:30 p.m. to kick things off at the welcome reception. For those of you who couldn’t make it this year, make sure to follow RMS on Twitter, LinkedIn and here on the blog for #Exceedance news, insights, and photos.

With more than 60 sessions across eight different tracks, there is no shortage of thought-provoking content and discussions to be had. Download the mobile app to help you manage your schedule and maximize your week.

Here are a few highlights as you plan out your week:

Keynote Speakers: The keynote sessions are definitely not to be missed. This year, our lineup of keynote speakers includes:

  • Hemant Shah, RMS co-founder and CEO
  • Dr. Robert Muir-Wood, RMS chief research officer
  • Laurence Golborne, former Chilean minister of mines and energy
  • Richard Knabb, director of the National Hurricane Center
  • Dr. Patricia Grossi, senior director of model product management, RMS
  • Ben Brookes, vice president of capital markets, RMS
  • Paul Wilson, vice president of model development, RMS
  • Daniel Stander, managing director, RMS

Interconnected Risks: Cyber, contingent business interruption, and pandemic risk have all made headlines in the past year. Check out interconnected risk sessions where we’ll share the latest research into the unique challenges of interconnected risks and discuss lessons learned from the events such as the Ebola pandemic, Superstorm Sandy, and cyber attacks.

High-Definition Modeling: Make sure to attend our HD modeling sessions, held throughout the week, to learn about the methodology behind our HD models and how greater precision with a simulation-based approach will give insurers greater insight into and management of their risk.

Risk Management and the Allure of Latin America: For the first time, we are hosting an entire track focused on Latin America. The rapid expansion of insurance in Latin America and the Caribbean is creating opportunities for both insurers and reinsurers. We’re looking forward to diving deeper into how risk modeling tools can unlock opportunities in the region.

The Lab: The Lab is the perfect place to swing by between sessions to meet RMS experts and learn about everything from version 15 models and software to RMS Hosting Plus to capital market solutions. And stop by the Mini Theater for a great lineup of speakers on everything from analytical services to philanthropic partnerships.

 “EP” – The Exceedance Party: As always, we’re celebrating a full week of activities with the “EP” on Wednesday night. This year we’ll be at the LIV Nightclub, where you can be sure to find good food, drinks, and lively conversation along with two-time Grammy-nominated Latin band, Palo!

We’re glad to have you and are looking forward to a great week ahead!

Highlights from the Ground at Exceedance 2014

This week we have been in the Washington D.C. area for our largest Exceedance yet. It’s been a great few days, action packed with presentations, meetings in The Lab, and evening networking receptions. We hope that our guests are enjoying all the informative sessions and have gotten a chance to unwind at the evening receptions.

At RMS, we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, and will be celebrating in style at the EP, our annual Exceedance Party, held at the International Trade Center this evening.

A few highlights from the ground:

Keynote Sessions

We are very proud to have 20 customer speakers participating in the conversations at Exceedance throughout keynotes, breakout sessions, and Mini Theatre presentations. This is an important part of what Exceedance is to RMS—a time for the industry to meet and discuss pressing topics and learn from each other.

We had a brilliant line-up of keynotes this year, including:

  • Our very own Hemant Shah, RMS co-founder and CEO, who kicked off Exceedance by sharing some of RMS’ history to commemorate the 25-year anniversary
  • Trevor Maynard, head of exposure management and reinsurance at Lloyd’s of London, who discussed model uncertainties
  • Dr. Solomon Hsiang, climate risk expert, who discussed extreme climates and their systematic connection to social conflict and violence
  • Dr. Robert Muir-Wood, RMS chief research officer, who presented on the five dimensions of earthquakes
  • Dr. Claire Souch, senior vice president of business solutions at RMS, who shared the model development agenda and discussed HD modeling

Model Partners

In addition to the keynote presentations, we made a few very exciting announcements this week at Exceedance. In particular, we announced five new model partners that are making their models available on RMS(one)!

Mario Ordaz, president of ERM, joined our chief products officer, Paul VanderMarck, on stage to discuss his company’s experiences implementing their models on RMS(one). You can read more in Paul’s blog post welcoming model partners.

Developer Partners

Another exciting element of Exceedance is The Lab, with 12 demo stations that allowed attendees to get hands-on experience with RMS(one), meet the experts, and watch various Mini Theatre sessions throughout the breaks. Attendees could also get demos from a couple of our developer partners, including Spatial Key and DiDi, whose apps leverage the RMS(one) API.

The Lab at Exceedance 2014

For the first time this year, we had a developer track during Exceedance. The hands-on sessions were standing-room-only with developers trying out the RMS(one) API and MDK. We also held the first-ever RMS(one) Hackathon, which challenged developers to create apps using the RMS(one) API in under 24 hours. The finalists presented their apps to a crowded room this afternoon. Read this blog post that provides details on the apps and the winner!

Thank you to all attendees who joined us this week. We look forward to seeing you at next year’s Exceedance, which will take place April 27-30, 2015 at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel in Miami, Florida.