Introducing the RMS(one) Developer Network

A core concept built into the architecture and design of RMS(one) is that it’s not just a SaaS product but an open platform. We believe that we make RMS(one) vastly more compelling by letting our clients leverage third party offerings as well as building their own capabilities to use in conjunction with RMS models, data, analytics, and apps.

By leveraging RMS(one) as an open platform, clients will have the freedom and flexibility to control their own destinies. With RMS(one), they will be able to implement an exposure and risk management system to meet their individual needs. This week we took an important step closer to that reality.

Introducing the RMS(one) Developer Network

Gearing up for our launch of RMS(one) in April, this week we announced the RMS(one) Developer Network, the place for developers to access the technology, services resources, tools, and documentation needed for extending the RMS(one) platform.

This is the first network of its kind in our industry, and we’re excited that our clients and partner developers are involved. The first members include Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA), ERN, JBA Risk Management, and Risk Frontiers. These are our first set of model developer partners. Over time we’ll be announcing more model developers as well as other types of partners.

The Developer Network lets clients and partner developers integrate tools, applications, and models with RMS(one). Through the Developer Network, we provide access to the RMS(one) Model Development Kit (MDK), enabling the development of new models and the translation of existing models so they can be hosted on RMS(one). And this is how client developers will be able to access the RMS(one) API on April 15, the day RMS(one) is launched.

The Exceedance 2014 Developer Track

We will also be hosting a series of developer sessions at Exceedance, from April 14 to 17 in Washington, D.C. These classroom and hands-on sessions will help client developers learn how the RMS(one) API enables programmatic data access and the integration of their applications, tools, and services on RMS(one). For client model developers, they can learn how to work hands-on with the MDK to create and host their own custom models on RMS(one).

To get more details about the tracks and how clients can register for Exceedance, you can learn more here.

Growing a Thriving Ecosystem

The ability to choose between internal or third party capabilities, either separately or in tandem, but within one integrated platform, is essential to our clients’ ability to make RMS(one) right for them. This freedom of choice is a major consideration for most clients, if not all, when they decide to commit to using RMS(one) as a mission-critical, core system for their enterprises.

Potential third-party developer partners can contact us to learn more about the value of integrating software, models, and data with RMS(one).

With the RMS(one) Developer Network, we are enabling a thriving ecosystem that takes full advantage of the power of RMS(one) by extending the scale and relevance of the RMS(one) platform.

We look forward to you joining us on this exciting journey!

Vice President, Developer Relations, RMS
Alex and his team enable RMS clients and third-party developers to effectively build models, data, and applications on and around RMS(one). Alex brings more than 15 years of developer leadership experience from enterprise technology companies such as Intuit and Microsoft. Most recently, he served as the group manager of developer relations at Intuit, where he was responsible for all aspects of strategy, planning, and execution of developer marketing, platform evangelism, technical and business education, and technical support. During his time at Intuit, he led the relaunch and rebranding of the Intuit Partner Platform, and the doubling of membership in the company's developer programs. Prior to that, Alex was VP, Developer Community, at Bungee Labs, a pioneer in the platform as a service (PaaS) space. He spent five years at Microsoft in various community program management and marketing positions, and was COO at Bluewave, a leading digital marketing and web development agency, for seven years. He blogs at and tweets at

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  1. Alex Barnett Post author

    Hi Bill,

    Many thanks for your encouragement and interest!

    I’m going to contact you offline so I learn a little bit more about what your thoughts are regarding your participation and we can take it from there…look out for an email soon!



  2. Bill Miller

    I applaud RMS for creating this Developer Network. This is a great idea that should move the modeling science forward faster. I represent reinsurance clients as an actuarial consultant in Bermuda and in my career have extensive Cat modeling experience. Can I join this developers group?


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