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Exploring the Limits of Mortality Improvement

There is a fundamental limit (VMAX) to the mortality reduction benefit of any particular longevity driver (Vitagion). Explore the impact of VMAX from the RMS Vitagions: Lifestyle, Medical Intervention, and the Health Environment on liability, mortality improvement, and life expectancy.

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Cause of Death

Understanding Structural Changes in Mortality

Understand the multi-factorial drivers of mortality improvement by selecting vitagion trajectories by cause of death groups, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. The RMS Cause of Death Scenario Generator adds deterministic cause-of-death resolution to the stochastic longevity model structure.

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Economic Offset Analyzer

This showcase will examine the offset between mortality and longevity lines of business and help provide insight into the effectiveness of the hedge by the factors that differentiate portfolios.

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IDM Exploration

Investigating the Impact of Infectious Disease

The RMS Infectious Disease Model (IDM) provides a probabilistic view of the losses that could result from infectious disease pandemics. Explore key scenarios and how demographics, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines influence excess mortality rates at key return periods for Solvency II and economic risk calculations.

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Annuity Survival Evaluator

This showcase will explore the impact of cancer diagnoses on life expectancy by demographics and time.

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