• Amlin on Open Modeling and Superior Underwriting

    On the RMS blog this week: Daniel Stander, Managing Director at RMS, in conversation with JB Crozet, Head of Group Underwriting Modeling, Amlin, discussing open modeling & RMS(one)

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  • RMS Pioneers New Approach to Modeling Indemnity-Catastrophe Bonds for Tradewynd Re Ltd

    RMS has announced that the company has worked with AIG and Swiss Re to pioneer a new approach to modeling indemnity catastrophe bonds with the issuance of Tradewynd Re Ltd.


  • Are U.S. Coastlines Insured Against Storm Surge Risks?

    Of the costliest U.S. hurricanes in the past 10 years, Sandy, Ike, and Katrina brought coastal flooding that belied each storm’s category strength, proving that when it comes to storm surge, the exception is becoming the rule. Standard homeowners insurance doesn't always cover against flood loss. And even coverage purchased under the National Flood Insurance Program leaves coastal dwellers open to risk from uncovered losses.


  • Will RMS(one) Be the One?

    "…the consistent comment from early testers is that they're getting an improved picture of their risk on a more timely basis – and they will empower their underwriters with that information to deploy capacity more effectively. They appear to have few worries about the cost and are confident that RMS has addressed any security concerns."

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  • Surviving a Super Typhoon

    Natural disasters expert Dr. Robert Muir-Wood sheds light on how local residents in the Philippines may be struggling to cope in the wake of the super-typhoon.


  • RMS Provides Model for Longevity Risk Transfer

    RMS, the world's leading catastrophe modeling firm, today announced that the company performed risk assessment analysis for the capital markets instrument used by Aegon to hedge the longevity risk of EUR1.4 billion (USD 2.3 billion) of reserves through Societe Generale to capital markets investors and reinsurers. The transaction protects Aegon against the possibility that mortality improvements in the Netherlands exceed expectations and outpace those in the United States.

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